Close-Combat Encounters in First-Person Video Games

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Melee, in the context of First-Person Shooter (FPS) video games, refers to a type of close-quarters combat where players use non-ranged weapons or their own fists to attack opponents. This form of combat typically takes place at very close range, often when enemies are within arm’s reach.

In many FPS games, melee attacks can be more powerful than ranged attacks, capable of eliminating opponents with a single hit. However, the risk is also greater as players must get dangerously close to their enemies to execute these attacks.

Melee weapons can vary greatly depending on the game, ranging from knives, swords, and axes, to more unconventional items like crowbars or even frying pans. Some games also allow players to use their fists or perform powerful melee moves like kicks or elbow strikes.

In addition to being a form of attack, melee can also refer to a game mode in some FPS games. In this mode, players are typically only equipped with melee weapons or must rely on their fists, making the gameplay more intense and personal.

Whether used as a last resort when ammunition runs out, a stealthy approach to take down an enemy, or a preferred method of combat for some players, melee plays a crucial role in the dynamic and fast-paced world of FPS games.

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