Parkour and Mechs: 5 Games Mimicking Titanfall

Parkour and mechanized suits are elements that make the game Titanfall an unforgettable adventure in the world of gaming. Many other games have followed suit, incorporating these features to their mechanics to create a unique and thrilling experience for players.

Parkour and Mechs

Parkour, a movement technique developed from military obstacle course training, and Mechs, short for mechanical suits, hold a significant allure in the realm of gaming. This fusion of high-octane agility with the sheer power of mechanized suits injects games with an exceptional level of exhilaration and immersion. It’s no wonder many games are mimicking this approach after Titanfall’s success.

Player Experience

Different games use parkour and mechs in various ways creating a diversity in player experience. With parkour, navigating through complex environments becomes a fluid ballet of jumps and vaults, adding a kinetic element to play. Mechs, on the other hand, lend an aspect of strategic gameplay through the use of advanced weaponry and protection, creating an entirely different pace.

Impact on Game Design

The integration of parkour and mechs has reshaped the landscape of game design. These elements pose new challenges for developers as they incorporate intricate movement systems and design environments that can accommodate both human-size parkour and giant mech forms. This blending has resulted in the innovation of gameplay mechanics, offering a fresh perspective to the cinematic action of video games.

Mirror’s Edge: Running Beyond Boundaries

Mirror’s Edge is a hallmark game that significantly exercises parkour elements, which concurrently aids in the narrative and gameplay progression. In this game, the player controls protagonist Faith Connors as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape with nothing but her parkour abilities.

  • The comprehensive interactive environment allows players to vault over obstacles, run alongside walls, and complete their objective in the most efficient manner.
  • Unlike conventional games, Mirror’s Edge opts for a first-person perspective, immersing the player in Faith’s shoes, fostering a sense of rapport and intensifying the thrill.
  • The well-crafted level design coupled with the high-contrast art style guides players, indicating the optimal path through the red color ‘Runner’s vision’.

Confrontation Strategy in Mirror’s Edge

Beyond parkour, the game encourages an evasion-oriented confrontation strategy. This reinforces the game’s core mechanic: momentum. As Faith gains speed, she becomes harder for enemies to hit, making running away a viable and often necessary tactic.

  • In the event where confrontations are inevitable, the game uses a simplistic combat system. It allows players to disarm opponents and use their weapons momentarily.
  • Defeating enemies aren’t rewarded with extra points, further emphasizing escape over engagement.

Mirror’s Edge: A Pioneering Influence

Mirror’s Edge has been a critical influencer in the development of future parkour-based games like Titanfall. It showcased that free-running could serve as an exceptional game mechanic, providing fluidity and dynamic movement that resonates with the player.

  • It wields parkour as an empowerment tool to navigate the dystopian environment, bringing a unique perspective to the table.
  • Despite its short runtime, Mirror’s Edge offers a memorable, exhilarating experience that skillfully harmonizes an amazing storyline with fluid parkour mechanics.

Hawken: Mech Warfare Redefined

Hawken is a first-person, multiplayer, mech-based game that skillfully combines the agility of parkour with the firepower and stature of mechanized robots. Players step into the cockpit of an enormous, heavily-armed war machine, engaging in explosive battles amidst dystopian landscapes. Despite being on the battlefield, pilots manage to feel weightless and agile due to the game’s parkour-like mechanics.

Gameplay Dynamics

Incorporating parkour elements into a mech game initially seems to be a mismatch. Traditionally, mechs have been large, lumbering constructs, whereas parkour is an art form of movement typically associated with foot soldiers. But Hawken managed to bridge this gap seamlessly with its innovative gameplay:

  • Mobility: Mechs in Hawken are both heavy and agile. They can quickly dash in any direction, climb structures, or even hover for short periods, providing a sense of fluidity and flexibility reminiscent of parkour.
  • Environment Interaction: Buildings, debris, and other constructs aren’t mere obstacles in Hawken. They’re tools to be used for strategic advantage, much like how parkour utilizes urban environments.
  • Combat: The mechs’ mobility factors heavily into combat. Players can unleash devastating firepower while constantly moving and evading enemy attacks, adding a layer of strategy and unpredictability to encounters.

Impression Left by Hawken on Mech Gaming

Although Hawken wasn’t the first game to introduce mechs, it did redefine their perception in video games. By combining fast-paced action with the tactical depth of a mech game, and the free-form movement of parkour, Hawken set a new standard for future mech games.

Moving forward, more developers began to consider ways to infuse movement and agility into traditionally static or bulky genres and characters. Hawken, in essence, reimagined what a mech could be, encouraging players and designers alike to reconsider the possibilities of mechanized warfare.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Familiar Frontier

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is yet another stand out game that has taken inspiration from the mechanics introduced by “Titanfall”. In this game, players command advanced, exoskeleton-aided soldiers capable of feats such as double jumping and dashing in mid-air. This allows for some serious verticality in battles, changing the face of gameplay considerably.

  • The Exo suit: The key element here, which echoes “Titanfall”, is the Exo Suit. It bestows the wearer with unprecedented agility, strength and speed. This made combat more intense and exciting than traditional Call of Duty games.
  • Boost jumps: The ability to perform boost jumps — a double jump maneuver that gives players the ability to quickly reach higher ground or cross large gaps — increases the dynamism and fluidity of battles.
  • Grappling Hook: The grappling hook, introduced in the Ascendance DLC, further enhanced mobility by allowing rapid traversing across the map.

Vehicles And Advanced Warfare

While “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” doesn’t feature rideable mechs like “Titanfall”, it does incorporate various advanced vehicles and tech to offer a similar feel. Players can pilot drones, tanks, and hoverbikes to dominate the battlefield.

  • Hoverbikes and Drones: The Hoverbike is a swift and maneuverable vehicle, perfect for quick getaways or flanking enemies. Drones, on the other hand, provide a great way to scout the area or deliver a powerful aerial attack.
  • Walker Tanks: Walker tanks epitomize the feeling of piloting a mech. Though not as agile or dynamic as a Titan, their raw power and durability make them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Advanced Warfare’s Impact On The Genre

The impact of “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” on the FPS genre is undeniable. The inclusion of parkour-like mechanics and the proximity to mech-based combat found in “Titanfall” were well-received by fans and critics alike, ushering in a new era for the series.

  • Future Warfare: The game set a precedent for futuristic warfare in first-person shooters, inspiring similar mechanics in subsequent entries in the franchise and beyond.
  • Evolving Multiplayer: The multiplayer experience was revolutionized with these features, as they forced players to adapt to a more vertical and fast-paced style of gameplay, moving away from the grounded warfare of previous Call of Duty titles.

Crysis 3: Flexing Nanosuit Power

In Crysis 3, the Nanosuit is a technological marvel you don – a perfect blend of defense, speed, and power. It allows for seamless transition from stealth to armoured combat, making it a crucial tool for survival.

  • Stealth Mode: The Nanosuit’s most famous feature is its ability to render the wearer almost invisible. This proves to be an invaluable asset when navigating the urban jungle of New York City’s Liberty Dome, allowing you to sneak past enemies or launch surprise attacks.
  • Armour Mode: When secrecy isn’t an option and you need to fight your way out, the suit’s Armour mode increases your resistance to bullets and explosions. It provides you the durability you need to stand toe-to-toe with heavily armed enemies and emerge victorious.
  • Power Mode: The Power mode helps in traversal by enhancing your speed and agility, enabling you to reach advantageous positions or escape from disadvantageous ones rapidly.

Mastering the Nanosuit Abilities

Being capable enough to switch between these modes efficiently is the key to success in Crysis 3. Quick reflexes and the judgement to know which mode is appropriate for the situation can mean the difference between life and death.

  • Effective Use: A common tactic is to use Stealth mode to sneak up on an enemy before switching to Armour mode to absorb any potential incoming fire as you take them down.
  • Chain Attacks: You might also mix in usage of Power mode to quickly get into position for chain attacks, surprising multiple enemies in rapid succession.

Adapting to Various Scenarios

The Nanosuit’s versatility allows you to effectively adapt to various scenarios in the game. Its multiple abilities pave the way for dynamic and exciting gameplay, contributing to the game’s unique parkour and mech-inspired elements.

  • Vertical Navigation: The suit’s enhanced strength and agility allow for quick vertical navigation, mimicking Titanfall’s wall-running and double jumping mechanics.
  • Heavy Assaults: The resilient armour mode provides a feel similar to stepping into Titanfall’s Titans, tanking significant damage and dealing devastating blows.

Crysis 3 is a fantastic showcase of how diverse gameplay can be when equipped with a Nanosuit. Whether you’re infiltrating unseen, standing your ground in heavy fire, or maneuvering swiftly through terrain – the Nanosuit ensures you’re always suited up for the challenge.

Warframe: Ninja Parkour Action

Warframe is a third-person shooter game that integrates unique elements of parkour and ninja action into its gameplay. This free-to-play online game pits players against each other in a sci-fi world, controlling powerful warriors known as ‘Warframes’. With the ability to run on walls, flip over obstacles and slide under gaps, Warframe offers a range of dynamic movement options that make each encounter thrilling.

  • Wall-Running: One of the most distinctive features in Warframe is wall-running. This allows players to traverse across vertical surfaces and leap between walls, giving them strategic advantages during combat.
  • Sliding and Dodging: Players also have the ability to slide around corners and dodge enemy attacks, adding another layer of depth and strategy to the combat mechanics of the game.

The Influence of Titanfall

While Warframe was released before Titanfall, both games share similarities in their utilization of parkour movements and mech-style combat. Warframe’s emphasis on agility, fluidity and vertical movement mirrors some aspects seen in Titanfall’s gameplay.

  • Fluidity of Movement: Both games allow for a smooth transition between running, jumping, and sliding – creating a seamless parkour experience.
  • Mech-Style Combat: Similar to Titanfall, Warframe also includes mech-style combat with the option to pilot massive robotic suits called ‘Warframes’.

Immersive Gameplay Through Parkour

Warframe takes its name from the armoured exoskeletons that players don, providing them with unique abilities. The freedom of movement allowed by the game’s parkour system greatly influences the gameplay, allowing for exhilarating acrobatic fights and intense battles.

  • Freedom of Movement: Warframe’s parkour system allows players to run, jump, slide, and climb through the game’s diverse environments.
  • Unique Abilities: Each Warframe possesses unique abilities, and when these are combined with the fluid parkour movements, it allows for an impressive array of combat techniques.

The sophistication and flexibility of Warframe’s ninja parkour action make it a standout game, combining dynamic movement mechanics with intense combat scenarios.


In the realm of gaming, there are several titles that draw inspiration from the unique style of Titanfall, specifically its marriage of parkour and mechs. These games utilize similar mechanics to provide exhilarating experiences for players.

  • Hawken: A multiplayer game that puts players in control of a mech. It’s fast-paced action closely resembles the thrills of Titanfall.
  • MechWarrior Online: Another online mech game that takes a more strategic approach but still maintains elements of parkour-inspired movement.

Parkour-infused Gaming Experiences

Not every game has mechs, but they can still mimic the energetic parkour aspects of Titanfall. Here, we delve into some games that have successfully integrated such fluid movement mechanics.

  • Mirrors Edge: A game renowned for its innovative integration of parkour, it’s frequently touted as one of the best in this niche.
  • Dying Light: This horror-survival title incorporates parkour mechanics for exploration and combat, making for an immersive experience.

Blend of Mech and Parkour

A select few games manage to blend both mech and parkour mechanics, giving players a taste of what makes Titanfall so unique.

  • Daemon X Machina: Players can take control of mechanized units, called “Arsenals”, while also being able to dismount to engage in on-foot, parkour-esque combat.

These games may not exactly replicate Titanfall, but they certainly carry forward its spirit through comparable gameplay aspects.

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